How to Find Peace: Enlightened Proverbs for Today

Time is like one beat of a blue stork’s wing

One beat, and then it is gone

Peace is like the beat of the of its other wing
            When both beat together, then there is a flight
Those who use the rain from heaven
            Wait, collect, and channel it
And so have an abundant crop
            When one doesn’t use the rain from heaven
Miracles require a lot of work
                        For the women must draw it up
From the bottom of the well
For these truths I take no credit (if they have truth, though they seem to me to have deep truth in them) for I am like a scribe that was allowed to see and hear and is just writing it down, but if there is found to be error in them, I will take the blame, for I was the scribe that wrote them down.
The image of the women drawing up the water from the bottom of a deep well, I don’t think is gender-specific; it may be used in the sense as the term ‘the bride of Christ’ might be used. The image was of a woman having to walk down a steep dirt path, and then draw up the water from a deep well, only to have to carry it back up to her house, so that her family could have water for the day, while the fields went dry. For, who has the strength or time to draw up water for a whole field of plants? Then, I saw an abundant field where the farmer waited on the rain, stored it in reservoirs, and channeled the river water to water his crops and he had an abundant crop. I also saw that he had a bamboo watercourse; it looked like six inch in diameter bamboo, cut in half lengthwise, which channeled water right into his house. What I had basically heard during this was, ‘when a man doesn’t use the rain from heaven, then he must try to draw up miracles from the well, and the well is deep.’ So the image in my mind used a feminine picture of a woman, yet the words were set in the masculine tense.
I got the sense from the first blue stork’s wing that ‘time’ and a person’s life is very fleeting. I also got the sense that when one knows this, he or she has peace. I also got the sense from the wings being blue that this had to do with sky and that the two together had to do with flight; for there was an image of a crane launching into flight as both wings flapped in harmony.
From the pictures of the woman at the well I got the sense that when we try to struggle in our spirituality and make things happen, we work hard and get very little done. Also, when we struggle to produce good things our spouse usually has to work harder than they have too; to take care of the relational housework and all their other tasks. But, if we wait and flow with that which flows down from God, then there still is work, but we are working with the nurturing that God wants to naturally give to people and we are in harmony, and produce an abundance easily. Even though we remain very dependant on him for the rain, yet we are at peace. Plus, I get the sense that the two proverbs are essentially one, and they deal with timing and grace of motion; just as a stork is graceful and at peace in flight.
These were the images I saw today, and I thought I would share them with you. Feel free to take from them what you desire, for not all animals eat the same food (and I mean that with no disrespect), and there seems to me to be a sense that there is a lot more food in these images than I may realize.

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